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LA County Refrains from Mask Mandate

Indoor Mask Wearing

LA County will decide tomorrow if the indoor mask mandate will return on July 29th. However, what looked like a certainty a week ago seems less certain on the eve of the decision.
In recent days, COVID case numbers have started to level off.
Additionally, public pushback has made a new mask mandate less likely.

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LA City Moves to Lift Vaccine Mandate

covid-19 reopening

On Wednesday the Los Angeles City Council voted to rescind its longstanding COVID-19 vaccine mandate, signaling a final moment of recovery in the city’s historic struggle against COVID-19. The motion, which will have to be voted on again on March 30th …

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After LA County Ends its Commercial Eviction Moratorium, LA City Moves in the Opposite Direction

businesses rent relief

Following two years of orders, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors moved to end the eviction moratorium on commercial tenants. This was a huge victory for commercial landlords and businesses that have endured economic hardships amid these moratorium orders. After commercial landlords originally struggled through the commercial eviction moratorium with no end in sight, the commercial eviction moratorium officially expired on …

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