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Why VoIP Works (or Doesn’t Work) For Your Elevator Communications System

With telecom costs continually on the rise, most would welcome the opportunity to streamline their systems. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming increasingly common, particularly for commercial use. While potentially ideal for your building’s general telecommunications, there are challenges when trying to use VoIP with emergency phone systems (like the ones in your elevators).

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Best Practices in Elevator Maintenance

elevator maintenance

Best Practices in Elevator Maintenance Building Services, Electrical/Mechanical, Elevator Elevator maintenance is an essential function of effective building management. Malfunctioning elevators are one of the last scenarios any building management professional wants to have on their plate. Not only do elevator issues pose potential safety risks to tenants and their guests, they may also adversely affect…

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Safety, Reliability, and Comfort: What Do Your High-Rise Tenants Think About Your Elevators?

Unless they work for a company like Mitsubishi Electric, you don’t want your building’s tenants and visitors thinking about your elevators. Elevators should be available with rides so safe and smooth the typical rider doesn’t notice how easily they moved between floors. Tenants expect elevators to work, and it’s an unwelcome interruption when they don’t. The occasional compliment is fine, but if you manage a high-rise, no news tends to equal good news when it comes to vertical transportation.

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What Best Practices and Technologies Are You Implementing to Ensure You Have A Healthier, More Productive, & More Efficient Building?

EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems offers a full suite of indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions that promote occupant health and comfort while helping to improve energy efficiency and increase the longevity of critical assets like HVAC equipment. Our IAQ services can also be part of a certification process for the UL Verified Healthy Buildings Program.

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Getting to Know Veteran Electrical Power Systems

Veteran Electrical Power Systems (VEPS) has earned the trust and business of hundreds of clients over the last 8 years. Veteran Electrical Powers Systems is an all-in-one C-10 electrical contractor licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of California. Veteran Electrical Power Systems is a service disabled veteran owned small business and takes pride in hiring and working closely with veterans …

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How to Maintain Proper Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19


During COVID-19, maintaining proper indoor air quality and filtration systems is critical in reducing the risk of infections. Certainly, building owners and managers know that indoor air quality is on the minds of tenants as their employees return to work. There can be some barriers in ensuring that systems work efficiently in providing the most hygienic environment …

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