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LA City to Pilot Unarmed 911 Response Unit

unarmed response team

After cutting $150 million from the LAPD budget last summer, the LA City Council has finally decided how to allocate the funds, which were originally earmarked towards community reinvestment programs and alternative policing initiatives. Although the Council submitted an early draft on how to spend the new funds in December …

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LAPD Deal Set to Avoid Massive Layoff of Officers

Last week, the Los Angeles Police Protective League agreed on a deal that could stop the layoffs of over 355 sworn police officers. At the end of 2020, the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion that would cut hundreds of active police officers. Expecting a budget deficit …

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Long Beach City Champions New Police Reforms

police brutality reforms long beach

In the past few months, community organizers and activists brought the topic of police brutality to the forefront of our national conversation. As such, large cities like Los Angeles have been forced to reconsider their approach to policing. Notably, Los Angeles voted to cut $150 million from the LAPD budget, while introducing a new …

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