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Benchmark Report is Coming Back!

The Operating Benchmark Report survey is coming back!
This comprehensive survey covers various operating expenses, such as utilities, maintenance, insurance, and taxes.
The survey opens for participation this month.

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Janitorial Bills Continue to Move

Two high-cost janitorial bills continue to advance through the legislative process, with both now in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.
Assembly Bill 2374 expands requirements for displaced janitors, and Assembly Bill 2364 imposes production rate limits.
Both bills represent new costs for an industry still reeling from market uncertainty.
The impact of the tentative labor agreement on the bills remains to be seen.

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CRE Goes on Offense in Sacramento

planning permit

Our new lobbyist in the state capitol is wasting no time getting started! He has put forward two time-saving (and money-saving) bills.
One is to limit how long a city can take to plan-check before an applicant can hire an external professional.
The other would limit legal proceedings meant to delay evictions.

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New Santa Monica Zero Emissions Building Code

Solar power grids that OurCounty will pursue

Santa Monica is developing a Zero Emissions Building (ZEB) Code for 2023. The new code will eliminate natural gas options for all new buildings in the city, with limited exceptions.
Santa Monica joins a growing list of jurisdictions pushing building electrification and decarbonization codes.

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Glendale Considers Building Electrification Code

New Construction

Glendale is developing new building electrification, and electric vehicle (EV) reach codes. The new regulations would impact new building construction effective January 1st, 2023.
The city staff is soliciting feedback on the proposed codes now. City council action is anticipated later this fall.

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Identify When to Receive A Glass Window Restoration Consultation

Identify When to Receive A Glass Window Restoration Consultation Building Services, Cleaning, Exteriors, Pressure Washing, Waterproofing, Window Washing Recognizing if your windows need restoration services will help ensure your building is maintained and damage-free. If your windows aren’t showing improvements after a window cleaning service is scheduled, there is a high chance that it’s time…

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Call for Plumbing Repair Right Away if You Notice These Signs

commercial plumbing repair

Plumbing issues can spell big trouble for your building; if the water isn’t running, the floors are flooded or the bathrooms aren’t working, you may not be able to stay operational at all. Some plumbing emergencies are obvious — water gushing from a toilet or sink is obviously a problem, as is a burst pipe or obvious flood

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