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CRE Goes on Offense in Sacramento

planning permit

Our new lobbyist in the state capitol is wasting no time getting started! He has put forward two time-saving (and money-saving) bills. 

One is to limit how long a city can take to plan-check before an applicant can hire an external professional. 

The other would limit legal proceedings meant to delay evictions. 

Reduce Red Tape with AB 2433

The first is Assembly Bill 2433, which addresses one of the most commonly cited issues for properties: permit delays. 

Permit and inspection delays cost money. And the delays often result in challenges in leasing a space and collecting rent.   

In our competitive environment, members cannot wait to start projects. 

This bill would hold cities accountable for their delays. If a city takes longer than 30 days to review a plan, the project can hire a third-party reviewer. 

If the city takes over five days to complete an inspection, the project can hire a third-party inspector again. 

Time is money, and this bill would provide an alternative to waiting for an understaffed city department to complete its part in the process. 

Limit Demurrers with AB 3196

Assemblymember Stephanie Nguyen introduced Assembly Bill 3196, which would remove unfair delay tactics from the eviction process. 

The bill sets an explicit schedule for demurrer hearings. The hearing must take place within 20 days of the demurrer's filing. 

It is focused on commercial real estate and would reduce a tactic often used to delay evictions. 

How to Take Action

Both bills will face opposition from other interest groups, and we need your help to support them!  

Express your support for AB 2433 by contacting Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva, and to support AB 3196, contact Assemblymember Stephanie Nugyen.  

Follow BOMA on the Frontline to stay updated on how members can support coalition efforts. 

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