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CRE Alert: Fate of the BOMA Cal Top 8    

BOMA Cal Top 8

We wanted to provide you with an update on the fate of BOMA California’s Top 8 priority bills. Keep in mind that the legislature is in summer recess and upon return more bills fate will be decided.  

What You Need to Know  

Bills Supporting Business Growth:   

  • AB 2433 Tackles the long wait times in the building permit process by creating flexible fee structures and inspection timelines. As well as allowing the use of private professional services under certain conditions. After passing the Assembly, the bill was held in the Senate Local Government Committee before being withdrawn by the author. [WITHDRAWN BY AUTHOR]  
  • AB 3196 Sets clear timelines for resolving commercial property disputes, reducing delays and costs. [PASSED ASSEMBLY AND CURRENTLY IN THE SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE]  
  • AB 3068 & AB 2910 Promote converting commercial spaces into homes or mixed-use areas with financial incentives and simpler permissions. [BOTH HEADED TO SENATE FLOOR FOR A VOTE]  
  • SB 1227 aims to revitalize San Francisco’s Downtown by easing environmental rules for specific projects. [DEAD]  

Bills to Oppose:   

  • SB 1103 imposes costly mandates on landlords, including translation requirements and limits on expense recovery, potentially raising rents and reducing leasing flexibility. [PASSED SENATE AND ASSEMBLY JUDICIARY COMMITTEE]  
  • AB 2364 would create a council (like the Fast Food Council) that then would be empowered to set regulations around workplace conditions, undermining the collective bargaining process. [PASSED ASSEMBLY AND IS CURRENTLY IN THE SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE]  
  • AB 2374 extends the time janitors must be kept after losing their jobs to 90 days and requires preferential hiring based on seniority, potentially raising operating costs for properties and tenants due to the retention of extra employees. [PASSED ASSEMBLY AND IS CURRENTLY IN THE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE]  

Take Action 

For a full list of bills our industry is engaged on click here.  

Stay connected on the progress of these bills through BOMA on the Frontline. We may call on your help to advocate to support or defeat some of these measures as summer progresses.    

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