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Active Shooter Preparedness

disaster management

Public safety is always a top concern for our members at Regional Roundtables. However, recent headlines about shooting tragedies have added a new safety sub-topic for discussion: active shooter preparedness.

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Renegotiating Contracts: How to Craft Win-Win Scenarios

There is little doubt that the global spread of an unknown virus unleashed unprecedented problems for American business, and the impact on commercial real estate is both wide and deep.┬áBut beyond the problems that every developer, landlord or tenant┬ámust face, there are also opportunities that can be identified …

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Are You Seeing Cracks in Your Building? What You Should Know

On the heels of the tragic collapse of the Surfside Condominium, Alpha Structural, Inc. was inundated with calls from concerned building owners, property managers and tenants throughout Los Angeles & Orange County. We have put together this article delineating various types of cracking and the urgency for repair.

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