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Los Angeles to Expand Citywide Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

electric vehicles

After instructing the Department of Water and Power to create a strategy long-term citywide Electric Vehicle Master plan, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted to approve the Master Plan. This new strategy will address the emerging demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by furthering the expansion and accessibility of charging stations …

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Giving Back to Our Plant Environment

As we exit this past year of chaos, it is almost therapeutic to reflect on what we can do as a human race to give back, appreciate what we have, and help sustain our planet. The landscape profession lends itself naturally to this concept. Nature. Plants. Green. Natural. It goes hand in hand…

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BOMA International Releases Guide to EV Charging Stations

electric charging stations

BOMA International Releases Guide to EV Charging Stations EV Charging Station, Market Trends, Parking Based on current market trends, electric vehicles are expected to make a substantial impact on transportation and the economy. In fact, by 2030, over one-third of vehicles on American roads are projected to be electric. As such, the number of EV…

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Sustainable Landscaping Tips for Your Building

sustainable landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping Tips for Your Building Exteriors, Landscaping, Sustainability Sustainability has become an important goal for commercial real estate, including landscape architecture and design. In fact, the state of California has developed a set of municipal and statewide guidelines for landscaping around commercial buildings and industrial zones. One of the more important set of guidelines is the Model Water…

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