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Identify When to Receive A Glass Window Restoration Consultation

window cleaning of commercial building

Recognizing if your windows need restoration services will help ensure your building is maintained and damage-free.

If your windows aren’t showing improvements after a window cleaning service is scheduled, there is a high chance that it’s time to restore the glass.

There are three main issues that may require restoration services:

  1. Oxidation

If you start to see a hazy or cloudy substance on the glass that doesn’t seem to improve after cleaning, this is because the glass on the window has become oxidized. This is the most common reason for window restoration services. The buildup can be due to the age of the glass or the lack of window cleaning maintenance.

  1. Debris

Accidents happen. We have had clients schedule construction or painting services and sometimes the residue from the jobs sticks to that glass. The debris can be difficult to remove from the glass surface with basic window cleaning.

  1. Elements

The weather and building location can also contribute to the need for restoration services. For instance, minerals can build up on windows if buildings are around a beach location, if excessive pollution is present, or if there is rain. Minerals can also get baked onto the glass during the hot summer months.

So now that you know what to look out for, it’s time to schedule a consultation with an experienced glass window restoration vendor.

South Shore Building Services has been in business for over 43 years and has a team of experts that can tackle your window restoration needs. With our team, equipment, and materials, we can make your windows look good as new. We use premium chemical treatments that are safe for your building. South Shore has 43 years of zero Osha violations because safety and protecting clients from liabilities are key to our outstanding services.

Call us today for a consultation request and we will give you a competitive quote!

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This guest blog post is provided by South Shore Building Services.  South Shore provides the Southern California commercial real estate with services to protect the asset of the property owner while increasing tenant satisfaction. Through utilizing the best products, methods and techniques available, we will provide the highest quality service and instill the greatest customer confidence levels in the Southern California property services industry.  Visit to learn more about their services.

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