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Glendale Considers Building Electrification Code

New Construction

Glendale is developing new building electrification, and electric vehicle (EV) reach codes. The new regulations would impact new building construction effective January 1st, 2023. 

The city staff is soliciting feedback on the proposed codes now. City council action is anticipated later this fall. 

Glendale Building Electrification Requirements

The city joins its Northeast neighbor, Pasadena, in developing a new construction building electrification requirement. 

Glendale is pushing its update through a building code amendment. These are also known as reach codes.  

A reach code is a local ordinance that goes beyond state minimums. 

The proposed code requires: 

  • All new construction, including detached ADUs, is to be fully electric. No gas appliances except when an infeasibility waiver is granted. 
  • An additional 10% Level 2 EV Charging requirement and 15% Level 2 capable spaces requirement for new non-residential buildings with 10 > spaces.

The city offers building and construction professionals a chance to provide direct feedback. Sign up for the city's 9/8 webinar. 

You can also view a recorded webinar the city already produced. 

Glendale Building Electrification Timeline

The best opportunity to provide feedback on the proposal is right now. 

Pushing changes when the proposal reaches the city council is much more difficult. 

The next workshop is on September 8th. Again, city staff will provide information about the ordinance and solicit feedback. 

The city staff will then present to the city council on September 13th.

At this council meeting, the city council members and the public will provide further feedback on the code proposal. 

City staff will incorporate the feedback and provide a final presentation to the city council on October 4th. 

After that time, any further changes will be challenging to make. 

If the council approves the proposal on that date, drafting of formal ordinance language begins. 

And by November, the city will send the proposed ordinance to the state for final approval. 

If approved according to this timeline, the new code will be effective on January 1st, 2023. 

You must now provide feedback on this proposal to city staff if it impacts your company or portfolio. You can also direct feedback to BOMA/GLA advocacy staff to assist you. 

Looking Ahead 

The code update proposed by Glendale only applies to new construction. 

There is no requirement to retrofit existing buildings to all-electric. However, that does not mean existing gas-powered buildings should breathe easily.  

Glendale has aggressive climate targets and views buildings as a significant source of carbon emissions. 

Existing buildings need to prepare now for the likelihood of retrofit proposals in the next few years. For example, consider what it would cost to change out gas-powered appliances to electric. 

Collect that date and have it ready for when the time comes to push back against overly aggressive code requirements. 

Stay connected with your advocacy team via BOMA on the Frontline

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