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sustainability ourcounty

In the past two years, Los Angeles has become a leading example in regard to sustainability programs. In particular, the Los Angeles Board Supervisors passed the OurCounty Sustainability Plan last year, which includes significant initiatives that affect many industries. In the same fashion, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles City …

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sustainable landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping Tips for Your Building Exteriors, Landscaping, Sustainability Sustainability has become an important goal for commercial real estate, including landscape architecture and design. In fact, the state of California has developed a set of municipal and statewide guidelines for landscaping around commercial buildings and industrial zones. One of the more important set of guidelines is the Model Water…

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title 24

As property owners and managers, it can get overwhelming when trying to understand all the different building codes. Title 24 is a specific part of the California Code of Regulations that specifically ensures building efficiency. These standards are updated every three years, so it is imperative to stay on top of the changes and avoid penalties.

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