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BOMA International Releases Guide to COVID-19 Tenant Relief Programs

commercial rent relief

BOMA International Releases Guide to COVID-19 Tenant Relief Programs Covid-19, Legal With federal officials creating trillions in aid to support businesses recovering from COVID-19, BOMA International has developed an important guide for commercial real estate owners that outlines the loan and grant programs available to tenant businesses. While many tenants in office buildings have continued…

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State Lawmakers Pass SB-91, Extends Eviction Ban and Creates Rent Relief Package

Newsom Eviction Moratorium

On January 28th, state lawmakers voted to extend its statewide moratorium on eviction bans through June 30th, 2021. Originally, the eviction moratorium was set to expire on January 31st. The extension of the eviction moratorium is part of Senate Bill (SB) 91, a statewide initiative to alleviate the rent burden on residential tenants. In addition to the eviction ban, SB-91 includes a $1.5 billion dollar rent relief …

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Small Commercial Landlord Challenges LA County Commercial Eviction Moratorium

local commercial eviction moratorium

On January 19th, the Pacific Legal Foundation issued the first legal challenge on LA County’s commercial eviction moratorium on behalf of a small Lawndale commercial landlord. The court case, titled Iten v. County of Los Angeles, seeks to overturn the Countywide commercial eviction moratorium. Although it was set to expire in May of last year, it has been continuously extended. It will likely be extended by the County within the coming …

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California Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

sexual harassment training

California Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Labor, Legal What is Sexual Harassment? California law defines sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination, which refers to unwelcome sexual advances, or any physical, verbal, or visual conduct of a sexual nature, including actions that create an offensive, hostile, or intimidating work environment based on sex. State law…

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