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Rain, Rain, (Won’t) Go Away

Two weeks after a powerful storm hit the region, Los Angeles faces a new round of heavy rain. The super-saturated region faces an increased risk of flooding and mudslides that could impact day-to-day operations.

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Are You Seeing Cracks in Your Building? What You Should Know

On the heels of the tragic collapse of the Surfside Condominium, Alpha Structural, Inc. was inundated with calls from concerned building owners, property managers and tenants throughout Los Angeles & Orange County. We have put together this article delineating various types of cracking and the urgency for repair.

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Does Your Building Require Seismic Retrofit?

seismic retrofit earthquake

Even with a history of major earthquakes, there was decades of little to no progress on retrofit legislation in California. Now, the nation’s most sweeping seismic regulations live in Los Angeles with a unanimous vote by the City Council.

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