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Everytable Food Service Amenities Help Redefine the New Workplace Structure Post-Pandemic

The office experience is evolving. CEOs are looking at their employees’ work habits, considering how many days should be required in the office, if any. With an emphasis on maintaining corporate culture and team dynamics, business leaders are asking themselves: should collaboration happen in-person? Will we reserve focus work for home? And most importantly, what should a day at the office look and feel like, now?

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Renegotiating Contracts: How to Craft Win-Win Scenarios

There is little doubt that the global spread of an unknown virus unleashed unprecedented problems for American business, and the impact on commercial real estate is both wide and deep. But beyond the problems that every developer, landlord or tenant must face, there are also opportunities that can be identified …

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10 Tips for Great Leadership

leader, leadership, management tips

No matter the industry, being able to be an effective leader is a strong skill. Have you ever looked up to someone and thought, “How do I become a better leader like them?”. There are many paths to get there, and in today’s world of uncertainty leadership has never been more important …

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Stop Wasting Time and Be Productive with These Four Time Management Systems

Few industries require the kind of self-starter motivation to succeed that real estate does. That’s why it’s so critical to stay productive. However, in today’s world there are constant barriers to not only staying focused but maximizing effectiveness. Thankfully, there are several systems out there that will allow you to reorganize your time through …

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How Technology Can Maximize the Efficiency of Virtual Work

working from home technology computer

Remote work was on the rise long before the age of COVID. But what was an upward trend has suddenly become the standard, forcing companies to make the transition whether they are ready or not. In today’s world, the ability to maximize efficiency while working virtually is a key component of success …

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