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10 Tips for Great Leadership

No matter the industry, being able to be an effective leader is a strong skill. Have you ever looked up to someone and thought, "How do I become a better leader like them?". There are many paths to get there, and in today's world of uncertainty leadership has never been more important. By implementing these tips, you can find yourself ahead in the world of commercial real estate.
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  1. Understand Your Personal Leadership Skills: Everyone's leadership shines in its own specific way. By understanding your own ways of offering true leadership, you can offer the best of what you have to help people develop their own strengths.
  2. Lead by Example: That old adage to show and not tell carries a lot of weight. If you're looking for your employees to demonstrate certain qualities, from demonstrating dressing for success to instituting universal common courtesy, the best way is to institute those practices into your own daily habits.
  3. Effective Communication is Key: Understanding that communication goes both ways can be critical in creating great leadership, it's often not just about being heard, but also about listening properly.
  4. Humility is Important: There's no 'I' in teamwork and by sharing in the glory of success, you'll find there's a lot more success to celebrate in the future.
  5. Encourage Creativity: Innovation is key to progress, and by encouraging creativity, you'll be allowing for all new sets of achievements to take place. While you know you're encouraging the latent talent of your team, you never know exactly what you'll find hidden.
  6. Be a Role Model: More than simply leading by example, exhibiting traits of positivity can be key in fostering growth amongst a team. Additionally, if you don't personally have a mentor, it's time to find one. There are few ways to learn leadership skills than are better than from a mentor.
  7. Keep Improving: Never being good enough can be demoralizing, but always striving to be better is the perfect mindset for continual improvement. By setting attainable challenges for your team, you'll be encouraging them to improve in just the right ways.
  8. Learn From Past Mistakes: All leaders make them. But as long as you realize that there can be no true success without failure, no real harm is done, and vast improvements are possible.
  9. Let Your Passion In: We achieve greatness by letting what we truly care about shine through. Don't ever lose sight of that.
  10. Be Encouraging and Motivating: You're only as good as your team. By understanding this, you'll motivate your team to do great things; that's where you'll see real results.

By implementing these tried and true methods for improving leadership, you will create a team positioned for success in CRE.

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