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How to Keep Up Amid Industry Change

industry trends

In the fast-evolving commercial real estate industry, staying current on the latest trends and issues impacting your business is no easy feat—especially in these unprecedented times. With so many pandemic-accelerated changes on the horizon, how can today’s property professionals keep up with …

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Post Labor Day Survey – Are Tenants Returning?

labor day - are tenants returning?

Post Labor Day Survey – Are Tenants Returning? Covid-19, Market Trends Recently, BOMA/GLA surveyed a select number of members asking whether tenants have returned and what their plans are. Many managers had expected tenants to return after Labor Day, so our results are a snapshot of what’s happening now around the region. While the results…

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BOMA International Releases Guide to EV Charging Stations

electric charging stations

BOMA International Releases Guide to EV Charging Stations EV Charging Station, Market Trends, Parking Based on current market trends, electric vehicles are expected to make a substantial impact on transportation and the economy. In fact, by 2030, over one-third of vehicles on American roads are projected to be electric. As such, the number of EV…

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The Future of Shared Workspaces: Unventured, But Promising Investments

Shared Workspace Future

Over the past two years, the future of shared workspaces seemed dark and at a dead end. With demand for coworking space at an all-time low and with COVID-19 creating a transition to remote working, it felt like major companies like WeWork were quickly losing relevance. However, recent events prove that the shared workspace industry is still alive, and has so much potential for innovation and growth.

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WeWork’s Slump Spells Trouble for Property Owners


Recently valued at over $47 billion, WeWork made it their mission to be a major asset to the commercial real estate industry. Boasting over 45 million square feet of office space, WeWork set out to create access to diverse workspaces for many small businesses itching to save operating costs. However, the company is facing serious monetary concerns …

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