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The Fate of TPA Debated at the California Supreme Court

The Fate of TPA Debated at the California Supreme Court State Legislation, Taxes The California Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether the Taxpayer Protection Act (TPA) should be on the November ballot. Ultimately, the Court will decide if California voters are sophisticated enough to vote on how they should be taxed.  Legal Updates Opponents,…

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Glendale City Council Split on Taxes

At the Glendale City Council’s first budget study session, the city council was presented with ideas for new taxes, including a transfer and parcel tax.
The other proposed taxes included a business license tax and a marijuana tax proposal.

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TPA Gets Supreme Court Hearing Date

The California Supreme Court has now set a hearing date of May 8th for oral arguments for and against the measure’s removal from the ballot.

It would be unprecedented for the court to remove TPA from the ballot, and we hope the court dismisses the request for its removal from the ballot. The state is arguing that the changes this ballot measure brings are too significant for just the voters to decide on.

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Measure ULA Challenged in Federal Appeals Court  

Newcastle Courtyards has just requested that the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit review and reverse the federal judge’s decision to dismiss this case. The reality is the ULA has been a tax impacting more than just “mansions” and is not meeting the promise sold to voters.

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