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vacancy tax

The Los Angeles City Council has studied the feasibility of vacancy taxes to reduce empty properties. In effect, this tax would create punishments and taxes despite many owners who are genuinely attempting to sell their space. Though, as seen in other cities, a fee with the intent to punish property owners will have a host of other effects that will undermine the ability for property owners to do business.

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In a last minute effort, the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) added a parcel tax to the Board of Supervisors that was voted on after only a few months of life. With minimal public input, the ballot measure failed.
Along with other parcel taxes, this would have cost building owners thousands a year.

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split roll prop. 15

Split Roll is a cataclysmic issue for property owners throughout California. Unfortunately, the emergence of Covid-19 will only magnify the catastrophic impacts created by Split Roll. That is to say, the pandemic alone has already created disaster-level scenarios. With this in mind, it is obvious that passing Split Roll will massively exacerbate these issues.

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