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Board of Supervisors Pursue Streamlining Property Tax Appeals


At their April 9th meeting, the LA Board of Supervisors directed the agencies responsible for property tax assessments to find ways to streamline the process. 

Current backlogs result in delayed refunds and corrected tax assessments for our members. 

Issue Background

The property tax process involves three offices: the Los Angeles County Office of the Assessor (Assessor), the Treasurer-Tax Collector, and the Auditor-Controller. 

Additionally, an Assessment Appeals Board (AAB) reviews disputes in property valuations. 

During the pandemic's height, the appeals backlog ballooned to 34,000 cases. 

The AAB put forward new strategies to help reduce the backlog, but more is needed. 

A working group with the LA Chamber of Commerce has met frequently with agency staff over the past two years to pursue process changes to reduce the backlog.

BOMA/GLA has participated in this working group and supported the advocacy of this group on behalf of our members. 

Despite this advocacy and these changes, more attention is needed from the Board of Supervisors to drive immediate progress. 

Continued delays in holding appeals on valuation disputes are untenable, especially in this market. 

Our members cannot afford to wait for delayed property tax refunds or corrections. 

Looking Ahead

The motion introduced by Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Holly Mitchell directs the various agencies involved to report back in 30 days with the following information:

  • The current number of AAB cases that are pending hearing.
  • The average time for a hearing date to be scheduled. 
  • How long it takes for resolution and refund payments to be completed upon a successful appeal. 
  • Recommendations to further streamline and improve the AAB process include finding ways for the Assessor to help taxpayers without needing a formal appeal. 

Furthermore, the motion requires the agencies to report back in 90 days with recommendations on enhancing efficiency, including how the agencies could deploy a more centralized process to improve customer service. 

The motion is a first step to an improved process. BOMA/GLA and other working group members submitted a letter supporting this motion. 

We will continue to monitor the progress of this motion and provide feedback to ensure real change happens to benefit our members. 

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