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Retail Theft Initiative Has 900,000 Signatures

Theft prevention lock cases in a retail store.

The Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act claims they have the necessary signatures to be on the November ballot. 

The campaign coalition claims to have 900,000 signatures from voters. County and state officials will now go through the process of validating signatures.

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TPA Gets Supreme Court Hearing Date

The California Supreme Court has now set a hearing date of May 8th for oral arguments for and against the measure’s removal from the ballot.

It would be unprecedented for the court to remove TPA from the ballot, and we hope the court dismisses the request for its removal from the ballot. The state is arguing that the changes this ballot measure brings are too significant for just the voters to decide on.

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LA City Council Evaluate Changes in Police Oversight

Assessment Roll 2021 Assessor Prang

LA City Council Evaluate Changes in Police Oversight Local Legislation The LA City Council is considering a charter amendment that will change how police discipline and oversight are applied.   These changes could possibly improve community trust and department morale, which in turn could lead to a safer LA that can benefit businesses. However, any…

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Janitorial Bills Would Raise Costs for Buildings

Two bills in the California legislature would raise the cost of janitorial services in the state. Some buildings could see costs rise by as much as $100K a month!
Assembly Bill 2374 expands requirements for displaced janitors, and Assembly Bill 2364 imposes production rate limits.
Both bills represent new costs for an industry still reeling from market uncertainty.

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Two Bills Could Expand Adaptive Reuse Possibilities

state legislative priorities

Downtown Assemblymember Miguel Santiago has proposed two bills, Assembly Bill 2909 and Assembly Bill 2910, to make adaptive reuse projects easier.

With the changing nature of work post-pandemic, there is a need for building owners to have greater flexibility with the use of their buildings. Office utilization has changed at the same time our state is experiencing a housing crisis.

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Measure HLA Poised to Pass


Measure HLA is poised to pass after achieving a margin that is unlikely to change with the remaining ballots. 

It requires the city complete planned improvements from its Mobility Plan 2035 each time it makes other street upgrades. 

A late opposition campaign from the firefighters union was not enough to prevent this measure’s passage.

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CRE Goes on Offense in Sacramento

planning permit

Our new lobbyist in the state capitol is wasting no time getting started! He has put forward two time-saving (and money-saving) bills.
One is to limit how long a city can take to plan-check before an applicant can hire an external professional.
The other would limit legal proceedings meant to delay evictions.

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