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Participate in BOMA/GLA’s Operating Benchmark Report Survey!


We have launched a new survey to gather information that will provide valuable insights for building owners and managers. The Operating Benchmark Report will show the average costs for running a commercial property in Greater LA.  

The report is a comprehensive survey that covers a wide range of operating expenses, such as utilities, maintenance, insurance, and taxes. 

It will provide invaluable data to property owners and managers. But only if you participate! 

Why Should I Participate? 

Your participation will make this a better report. And as more of your peers participate, data quality further improves. 

As budget season approaches, this report will provide valuable insights into how a building's operating expenses compare with other buildings in Greater LA. 

Additionally, the report will break down expenses across our six different regions. You will see how your region's costs compare to other regions. 

You can see if your expenses are out of step with other properties and smartly cut costs where it makes sense. 

And if your boss asks why janitorial is so expensive, you can point to this data and say that your expenses are in line with average costs in the region. 

Data Anonymity

We recognize that the information we are asking for is considered proprietary. Therefore, no individual buildings or companies will be identified in the survey. 

Additionally, we will only break down data for a region or building class if we receive enough responses for that building class or region. This decision is to protect the anonymity of the data submitted. 

How Do I Participate? 

Before starting this survey, please have your 2022 Income/Expense Statement available for each building you manage.

To submit your data, click on the QR Code or scan the code using the camera on your mobile device. If you have multiple properties, you will have an opportunity at the end of each survey to click on an "Add Another Building" button.

The survey is open to both members and non-members. For members, the final report will be provided as a member benefit for no additional fee. 

Non-members who participate in the survey can purchase the final report for a discounted fee of $100. 

Additionally, members who complete the survey are entered into a drawing to attend BOMA by the SeaA $230 value! 

Don't wait! Complete the survey before June 8th, 2023.

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