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Rain, Rain, (Won’t) Go Away

Rain Photo

Two weeks after a powerful storm hit the region, Los Angeles faces a new round of heavy rain. The super-saturated region faces an increased risk of flooding and mudslides that could impact day-to-day operations.

The Storm's Impact 

The full scope of the storm's impact is not yet known. While the new system is less intense than the last one, it comes before the region could dry out. 

The most significant concern is with mudslides. Even after a storm moves out, the soil could remain unstable. 

This issue not only applies to high-profile areas in the hills around Los Angeles but may apply to areas on your property prone to erosion. Even if it does not sit against a hill. 

Flooding of area streets will recede but may leave behind new potholes and road damage. If this occurs near your property, contact your city and report it

Utilize BOMA/GLA Resources

Hopefully, all the leaks caused by the last storm were corrected in time for the new storm, and your team did not detect new leaks. However, if that is not the case, access the BOMA/GLA network!

We have a directory of service providers to assist you with your leak, flood, or other storm-related damage.

Our Membership Directory can connect you with the right service provider who is already familiar with BOMA. 

Additionally, our Policy Briefings can provide you with the tools and relationships to be prepared for issues before they happen. Building relationships with local officials and experts is immensely valuable before disaster strikes. 

To use an old Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared. Keep storms from catching you flat-footed. 

Use our resources and stay connected with BOMA on the Frontline

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