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Aligning LA Commercial Properties with the New Zero Emissions Benchmark 


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a national definition for "zero emissions buildings" to guide the real estate industry in cutting carbon emissions. 

What You Need to Know

Key points:

  • Existing buildings must be in the top 25% for energy efficiency (ENERGY STAR score of 75+). 
  • New buildings must use at least 10% less energy than the latest code and aim for top 10% efficiency (ENERGY STAR score of 90+). 
  • Buildings must be fully electric and powered only by clean energy. 
  • Carbon offsets are not allowed. 

The goal is to reduce emissions by making buildings very efficient, fully electric, and powered by clean energy. 

How It Impacts You

This is not a regulation but might influence policies that support sustainability through grants, tax credits, and standards.

Meeting this definition can make buildings more competitive, reduce costs, and increase value.

Stay Connected

BOMA International's advocacy changed the rule to focus on "zero emissions" instead of "net zero" to better represent our industry. 

Membership dues support advocacy efforts like this one with the White House and DOE.

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