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California led the Nation in Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales in 2022

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With over 1 million vehicles cars sold, California led the nation in zero-emission vehicle purchases in 2022. 

It is no surprise as the state has encouraged residents to purchase them as we shift to a carbon-neutral future. 

Zero-Emission Vehicles in California 

Over the past few years, the California government has invested in and encouraged zero-emission vehicles. 

Whether banning the sale of gas cars and trucks by 2035 or investing billions into supporting infrastructure, the future in California is based on green energy. 

As a result, Californians are the biggest purchases of ZEVs in the nation. In 2022, Californians purchased nearly 1.4 million zero-emission vehicles, accounting for 18.8% of all car sales in the state and 40% of all ZEV sales in the country. 

To compare, zero-emission vehicles only made up around 5.8% of total sales in the United States. 

Much of this is due to California’s investment in the vehicles and the infrastructure that supports them. The golden state boasts the most electric chargers in America with nearly 30% of them in the country. 

With goals to fully electrify the transportation sector in the next decade, California will need to continue this ground-breaking pace to keep up with demand. 

The Future of ZEVs in California 

Last year, California made leaps forward in their plans with zero-emission vehicles. 

Within two decades, the state’s transportation sector will largely be electric and hydrogen-powered. In addition, California made groundbreaking investments in the sector as well. 

In December 2022, California made another $3 billion investment in electric infrastructure. The funding will double the number of public chargers in the state from 80,000 to 170,000 and push them towards their goal of 250,000 in 2025. 

In addition, the investment will fund electric trucks, school buses, and transit buses. 

Half of the $3 billion will invest these things in low-income neighborhoods that have been historically disenfranchised due to climate change.  

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