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LADWP’s New Incentive Program

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Understanding all the various energy efficiency requirements and incentives can be overwhelming. However, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Business Offerings for Sustainable Solutions (BOSS) program can support business growth, especially as regulations become stricter. This rebate enables a business to potentially recoup their entire investment.

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LA City Council Evaluate Changes in Police Oversight

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LA City Council Evaluate Changes in Police Oversight Local Legislation The LA City Council is considering a charter amendment that will change how police discipline and oversight are applied.   These changes could possibly improve community trust and department morale, which in turn could lead to a safer LA that can benefit businesses. However, any…

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Two Bills Could Expand Adaptive Reuse Possibilities

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Downtown Assemblymember Miguel Santiago has proposed two bills, Assembly Bill 2909 and Assembly Bill 2910, to make adaptive reuse projects easier.

With the changing nature of work post-pandemic, there is a need for building owners to have greater flexibility with the use of their buildings. Office utilization has changed at the same time our state is experiencing a housing crisis.

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