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Zoom Employees to Return to the Office

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Zoom became a household name and provided a seamless transition to working from home during the pandemic. 

This past summer, like many other corporations, Zoom is asking its employees to return to the office. 

As time goes on, this continues to indicate a broader trend toward office re-occupancy -- and ultimately a spike in leasing.


Despite being a champion for working from home during the pandemic, Zoom has announced that employees will be returning to work in the office. 

According to the new mandate, Zoom employees that work within 50 miles of an office will be required to work in person at least twice a week. Thus, Zoom is adopting a hybrid model. 

The company believes its new hybrid approach will be “most effective” to keep teams and employees connected. 

From the public to the private sector, many companies and agencies are beginning to bring employees back to the office due to the belief that in-person connectivity boosts collaboration and innovation. 

On the contrary, many employees prefer remote work as it allowed them to have a healthier work-life balance. 

Employees Back in the Office

All across the country, companies are implementing rules to get employees back into the office, whether it is full-time or hybrid. 

In Silicon Valley, companies such as Google and Amazon have implemented hybrid work models despite pushback from employees. However, employee dismay isn’t going to reverse policies as executives believe workers will just need time to adjust. 

The White House has also hardened its opinion on remote work. According to CNN, the administration asked federal agencies to bring employees into the office more frequently in the future. 

The Biden Administration has held a majority in-person status for the past few years and will maintain that in the future, especially with an election coming next year. 

While data shows that the country is trending towards going back into the office, it has been a slow transition. According to Kastle Systems, major metropolitan areas are hovering around 49% office occupancy. In the Greater Los Angeles area, offices are just below 50% of total occupancy. 

We’ll keep you updated on the latest news on the shift from remote work to in-person. 

Until then, keep up with BOMA on the Frontline or the latest news in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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