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vacancy tax

The Los Angeles City Council has studied the feasibility of vacancy taxes to reduce empty properties. In effect, this tax would create punishments and taxes despite many owners who are genuinely attempting to sell their space. Though, as seen in other cities, a fee with the intent to punish property owners will have a host of other effects that will undermine the ability for property owners to do business.

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crime rate prop 47 57

California historically has had significant issues regarding overcrowding in the prison system. In 2011, the state was ordered by a federal court to reduce its prison population to 137.5% capacity or have mandatory release of prisoners.

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dignity health

Dignity Health Offers Free COVID-19 “Virtual Care Anywhere” Service Community, Covid-19 As ambulatory and acute care facilities across the country experience an increase in patients with COVID-19 symptoms, virtual care visits help providers meet demand while reducing potential transmission of the coronavirus. To help fulfill this need, Dignity Health – Southwest Division is offering a…

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