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Identify When to Receive A Glass Window Restoration Consultation

Identify When to Receive A Glass Window Restoration Consultation Building Services, Cleaning, Exteriors, Pressure Washing, Waterproofing, Window Washing Recognizing if your windows need restoration services will help ensure your building is maintained and damage-free. If your windows aren’t showing improvements after a window cleaning service is scheduled, there is a high chance that it’s time…

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Giving Back to Our Plant Environment

As we exit this past year of chaos, it is almost therapeutic to reflect on what we can do as a human race to give back, appreciate what we have, and help sustain our planet. The landscape profession lends itself naturally to this concept. Nature. Plants. Green. Natural. It goes hand in hand…

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Everytable Food Service Amenities Help Redefine the New Workplace Structure Post-Pandemic

The office experience is evolving. CEOs are looking at their employees’ work habits, considering how many days should be required in the office, if any. With an emphasis on maintaining corporate culture and team dynamics, business leaders are asking themselves: should collaboration happen in-person? Will we reserve focus work for home? And most importantly, what should a day at the office look and feel like, now?

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How Technology is Changing Disaster Management

disaster management

How Technology is Changing Disaster Management Emergency Preparedness, Fire/Life/Safety, Technology It was not that long ago that disaster management professionals handled crises primarily through landlines and press conferences. Thankfully, over the past 10 years, technology has redefined global emergency management and disaster communications. One of the first national disasters to heavily rely on technology, according…

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5G is Revolutionizing L.A. Real Estate Here’s What You Need to Know:

Los Angeles is one of the nation’s hottest big markets for job growth, net migration, and corporate relocations. All this growth, development and increase in people in the area and the devices they use have strained carriers’ wireless networks. To accommodate this growth, wireless carriers are deploying 5G to support their customers and provide new apps and innovations.

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Safety, Reliability, and Comfort: What Do Your High-Rise Tenants Think About Your Elevators?

Unless they work for a company like Mitsubishi Electric, you don’t want your building’s tenants and visitors thinking about your elevators. Elevators should be available with rides so safe and smooth the typical rider doesn’t notice how easily they moved between floors. Tenants expect elevators to work, and it’s an unwelcome interruption when they don’t. The occasional compliment is fine, but if you manage a high-rise, no news tends to equal good news when it comes to vertical transportation.

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