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More Homelessness Housing Is Coming, But More Is Needed

homeless housing

There is no question that homelessness is one of California’s most overwhelming and difficult problems to solve. With more than 70,000 individuals in the County suffering from some form of homelessness, comprehensive housing is essential. While recent events are paving the way for more housing …

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Policymaker Spotlight: Mark Ridley-Thomas

BOMA/GLA would like to introduce an exemplary candidate for the Los Angeles City Council District 10, Mark Ridley-Thomas. Having served in public office for close to 30 years, Ridley-Thomas has a proven track record that Angelenos can trust. He is currently termed out as a Los Angeles County Supervisor but desires to continue his influence in LA.

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Parcel Taxes Are Death by 1000 Papercuts

In a last minute effort, the Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACFD) added a parcel tax to the Board of Supervisors that was voted on after only a few months of life. With minimal public input, the ballot measure failed.
Along with other parcel taxes, this would have cost building owners thousands a year.

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Can Tenants Avoid Lease Payments?

Under the current local and state emergency orders, building owners are working closely with tenants to maintain the status quo of a clean and habitable space and continuation of lease payments. However, some tenants may claim “force majeure”, “frustration of purpose”, or “impossibility”, causing them to seek rent deferral or abatement.

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Policymaker Spotlight: Miguel Santiago

BOMA Greater Los Angeles would like to introduce its members to a leading California State Assemblymember, Miguel Santiago. First elected in 2014 to the 53rd District, Santiago represents the key interests of neighborhoods like Boyle Heights, Downtown, Koreatown, and Pico Union on issues like eradicating homelessness, building affordable housing, prioritizing community college, and increasing care services.

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A Freeze on Rent Increases During COVID-19?

rent freeze

There is no shortage of hardship during the current pandemic crisis. In order to address the economic slowdown and shelter in place orders, some Los Angeles City Councilmembers are trying to push for an overall freeze in rent increases throughout the emergency period.

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