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What Will Public Transportation Look Like After COVID-19?

public transportation

Even before social distancing was encouraged due to COVID-19, the LA County Metro busses were already facing severe declines in ridership. So, due to health concerns and changing commuter preferences, Metro will likely have many barriers to consider in the near future. Certainly, Metro will have to reimagine public transit …

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How to Maintain Proper Indoor Air Quality During COVID-19


During COVID-19, maintaining proper indoor air quality and filtration systems is critical in reducing the risk of infections. Certainly, building owners and managers know that indoor air quality is on the minds of tenants as their employees return to work. There can be some barriers in ensuring that systems work efficiently in providing the most hygienic environment …

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Property Tax Relief Available for Civil Unrest Damages

tax relief damages

According to the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor, you may be eligible for Misfortune or Calamity Property Tax relief if your property has been damaged by a natural disaster or other unforeseeable, sudden, and unusual occurrences. Filing a claim will temporarily reduce the assessed value of your property – and your property taxes. Granted, these values will remain in effect until …

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