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California and Trucking Manufacturers Reach Deal on the Phasing out of Diesel Trucks


The State of California and prominent truck manufacturers have reached a deal to ensure the state’s ban on the sale of diesel trucks will not face legal challenges. 

Manufacturers in the deal include Ford Motors, General Motors Company, Isuzu, and the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association. 

What’s in the Deal?

Earlier this year, the California Air Resources Board announced that the state will ban the sale of medium-duty and heavy-duty diesel trucks by 2036 with all existing trucks transitioning by 2042. 

Following the announcement, trucking manufacturers and companies opposed the mandate due to higher costs, charging times, and less travel range.

The California Air Resources Board and major truck manufacturers struck a deal to avoid any future legal challenges to the mandate. Thus, the Truck and Engine Manufacturers Association and other prominent manufacturers have agreed to support the mandate and promise not to file a lawsuit. 

In turn, the California Air Resources Board has agreed to promise some regulations to assist the trucking industry. The main one pertains to smog-forming pollutants. 

In 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced guidelines to cut smog-forming pollutants. However, California’s had separate regulations on it, which were more strict than the federal version, leading to the chance there would be a split market. 

Thus, California will align its state policy to be concurrent with the EPA’s, making it easier for truck manufacturers to operate and sell vehicles. In addition, if truck and engine manufacturers offset emissions, they will be allowed to sell less clean diesel technology through 2027. 

Companies can offset emissions by offering buyers an increased amount of zero-emission options. 

Next Steps 

Despite the recognized agreement, the rule changes on California’s behalf will still require a board vote, which they are confident will be passed. 

Regardless, truck and engine manufacturers agreeing not to sue the state over the new zero-emission regulations is important for California. As of right now, trucking companies have already sued the state over the mandate, and similar regulations from California. 

However, trucking and engine manufacturers will not join the lawsuit. 

To read California’s full mandate on phasing out diesel trucks, click here

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