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Visualizing the Huge Cost of Proposition 15

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Proposition 15

On November 3rd, California voters will vote on Proposition 15, potentially the largest tax increase in California history - ever.

In short, Proposition 15 seeks to end Proposition 13 protections for property owners. Under this tax regime, commercial property owners would be taxed based on market value, which is constantly increasing every year. As such, building owners would be taxed at much higher rates - likely in the millions.

In this article, we hope to quantify the significant toll Proposition 15 will have on property owners.

Calculating the cost of Proposition 15

In the document provided below, one can see the exponential increases property owners will have to deal with. In one example, an office building with a current tax of $473,352 will be taxed $1,169,325 after Proposition 15. Certainly, this 147% increase can’t be taken lightly.

In another example, an industry property taxed $13,194 annually would end up paying an exorbitant amount of $111,951 - a 748% increase in property taxes.

It's also important to point out that property owners and businesses are already struggling due to COVID-19. With eviction moratoriums and reduced economic activity, property owners are already suffering significant financial losses. Property owners, who are already struggling through operations, should not be considered an additional source of revenue.

While every property owner would have different taxes based on their building’s assessed value, building owners will still likely have to expect exponential increases in immediately. If you'd like an estimated forecast of your taxes after Proposition 15, click HERE.

What you can do to defeat Proposition 15!

  1. Support our Industry Defense Fund. Through the BOMA/GLA Industry Defense Fund, you'll give us the necessary resources to run a comprehensive campaign to ensure that Prop 15 does not become law. This small investment will go a long way to save your property millions.
  2. Join our coalition against Proposition 15. At the coalition against Proposition 15, you'll learn more about opportunities to ensure Prop. 15 does not get passed.
  3. Reach out to your network. Tell your friends to vote NO on Prop. 15 - it is ultimately a tax on them.

And remember, be sure to vote NO on Proposition 15 this November!

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