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LAPD Chief Michael Moore Reappointed to 2nd Term

Los Angeles, CA - USA - August 16, 2015:  Police officers on motorcycles performing during 75th Annual Nisei Week Grand Parade in Little Tokyo.

The Los Angeles Police Commission voted unanimously to reappoint Michael Moore to a second term as LAPD Chief. 

The decision came after a meeting with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, who backed Moore but wanted to see changes in his second term.

Upcoming Term

Following his reappointment, LAPD Chief Michael Moore expressed optimism for his second term as LA’s top cop. However, he faces many challenges to start it. 

Moore will have to handle “depleted staffing levels” at the senior and other levels in the department. In his letter seeking reappointment, he shared his desire to choose a diverse staff to fill these positions. 

One of the changes Mayor Bass said she wants to see is a more streamlined hiring process of “reform-minded” officers. She always wants to see a change in how officers respond to calls involving mentally ill individuals. 

A second term for the Los Angeles Police Department chief usually lasts for five years, however, Moore is expected to step down well before then. 

Mayor Bass has stated that Moore will likely serve two to three years before a “nationwide search will commence and a new chief will be selected”. 

The shorter timeframe is due to the 2026 World Cup and the 2028 Summer Olympic Games being hosted in Los Angeles. Public safety must be at the focal point of both events as they will draw millions of eyes to the city. 

Despite the support from Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, many in the public are not pleased about the reappointment of Moore. This is particularly after there have been three deaths in officer-involved incidents just this year. 

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