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Getting an HVAC repair? You may need a roof inspection too!

If your HVAC is malfunctioning, your primary concern will be getting a skilled technician in place and getting the unit repaired, right away. While the sooner you get an ailing HVAC unit seen, the better, you should also consider having a roof inspection as well. Even a simple repair increases the number of people who walk about on and access your roof. If your team took a quick look on their own, or even tried a fast fix, tools and supplies left behind can cause significant roof damage.

hvac repair roof inspection

Learning how your HVAC system interacts with and impacts your roof will help you protect both critical features and ensure your building stays in peak condition. Here are several reasons you should schedule a roof inspection after you have had HVAC issues:

Roofs are Delicate

For something that is so expansive and that protects your entire business, a commercial roof is surprisingly fragile. Multiple layers come together to form an impervious shield against the elements – and even an increase in foot traffic could damage one or more of your roofing components. Ideally, your roof will have walking pads in place to protect it -- but in some cases, a technician may have to access areas not covered by pads -- exposing your roof to added risk.

When you have had trouble with your HVAC, your own building maintenance staff has likely accessed the roof – and a skilled HVAC tech will need to as well. While most HVAC pros are aware of the need to be careful with tools, footing and equipment on a facility roof, they are not roofing experts. After your HVAC repair, a roof inspection will give you peace of mind and detect any issues that could cause damage, too.

HVAC Unit Installation Issues

If your broken HVAC was installed even slightly off the ideal placement, it is more prone to leaks and more likely to damage your roof. Changes to that HVAC system could further move the unit – and this heavyweight system could damage your roof.

If you need a replacement now, your HVAC professional will know how to properly place the unit for stability and to prevent roofing issues. You can protect your roof from harm by only working with professional HVAC companies for repairs and inspections, and by having your roof inspected any time you have an HVAC issue addressed.

Delayed Maintenance

Delayed maintenance on any system is a problem; when you delay service and maintenance on your HVAC system, you are courting disaster, particularly when it comes to your roof. An HVAC system that has been ignored and that develops a leak could lead to water damage to your facility roof.

It’s easy to forget about your HVAC system, until something stops working. Ideally, both your HVAC and roof should be inspected and maintained twice per year. Schedule the HVAC inspection and work first – then the roofing. This way there is always a roofing team inspecting any work done to your heating and cooling systems and ensuring there is no damage. If you do not have one already, make sure put a commercial roof inspection plan in place now. 

Any time your roof has an increase in foot traffic, or you have work done on your rooftop HVAC, you should let your roofing team know. You will get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your facility is in good repair and that you can rely on both critical systems.

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