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BOMA/GLA Board Endorses Retail Theft Initiative

Theft prevention lock cases in a retail store.

At this month's board meeting, the BOMA/GLA Board of Directors endorsed the Homelessness, Drug Addiction, and Theft Reduction Act. 

Addressing retail theft and drug addiction is important to restoring a sense of safety around our buildings and in our communities.

The Board also supports the efforts by BOMA California in seeking legislative solutions.

An all of the above approach is necessary to fully address the problem.

Getting to Know the Initiative 

The initiative is commonly called the "retail theft initiative," but it addresses more than just theft. 

The initiative's highlights include the following: 

  • Creation of a new felony class for drug convictions known as "treatment-mandated felony." Those convicted multiple times of hard drug use would be required to seek treatment.  
  • The measure would allow targeting of drug dealers dealing in "hard drugs" and adding fentanyl as a hard drug. Should someone die because of fentanyl, the dealer of the fentanyl could face a murder charge.  
  • Regardless of the amount, someone with two prior convictions for theft would be eligible for felony charges. 

The initiative's goal is to amend Prop. 47 to allow more tools for law enforcement. It's asking voters to acknowledge the Proposition they passed needs changes. 

Why it's important

Crime and drug abuse have contributed to a feeling of unease in cities. Additionally, it cannot be denied that drug abuse is making homelessness worse. 

This sentiment is harming our communities and, by extension, our buildings. 

Addressing this issue is important, and our Board took a stand in support of a measure that does just that.

Many of us have tenants directly harmed by retail theft. Customers may also steer clear because they want to avoid dealing with theft prevention measures. 

It's hard to attract customers when a quick visit for toothpaste requires customer service to unlock it. 

The state recognizes this issue and the Governor has called on lawmakers to send him proposals. 

This initiative is unlikely to be the only idea we see in 2024. However, it may be the only one seeking to amend Prop. 47. 

Looking Ahead

The campaign coalition claims to have 900,000 signatures from voters. County and state officials will now go through the process of validating signatures.

The campaign needs 546,651 signatures to qualify for the November statewide ballot.

And continue to follow BOMA on the Frontline for updates. 

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