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Beverly Hills Invests More in its Homelessness Plan

Beverly Hills City Hall

The Beverly Hills City Council will provide an additional $1 million in funding for programs that address homelessness. 

The city adopted its homelessness plan in 2023, and the additional funding will support its goals. 

What You Need to Know

The Beverly Hills homelessness plan contains six key goals:

  1. Strengthen coordination among all the city departments and city-funded entities that conduct outreach and respond to unhoused individuals.
  2. Ensure community safety.
  3. Maximize the effectiveness of Police and Fire response.
  4. Educate community members about best practices and how to effectively connect with City services.
  5. Improve and expand regional homeless services in collaboration with other cities and Los Angeles County.
  6. Prevent homelessness among Beverly Hills residents.

How it Impacts You

The additional funding is focused on maintaining the Beverly Hills Outreach Team (BHOT). And to support a 24-hour transportation service that moves homeless individuals to temporary housing. 

Overall, the success of these goals can make the city a more attractive place for tenants and investment. 

There is a "flight to quality" in the industry right now. 

Having an outreach team and quickly moving people off the streets prevents the development of long-term encampments. 

Long-term encampments can be challenging to remove and hurt surrounding properties and those in the encampment. 

We look forward to seeing the continued implementation of this plan and, if it is successful, seeing other cities learn from Beverly Hills. 

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