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DTLA Alliance Report Shows Fresh Progress in Downtown

Downtown LA Skyline

DTLA has faced numerous challenges since COVID-19. However, a new report from the DTLA Alliance shows progress in the city's center. 

Report in Brief

The key takeaway of the report is continued positive engagement with Downtown. While our industry is most focused on those returning to the office, we also benefit from a general increase in DTLA visitation. 

We need people back in DTLA, period. 

Key Report Stats: 

  • 65% of workers currently work 3-5 days per week at their workplace outside their home. 
  • 79% of employers plan to spend at least 50% or more time in the office.
  • A whopping 91% of workers visit DTLA at least once on days when they are not working. 
  • 51% of respondents surveyed said the overall Metro experience has improved. 
  • The region experienced over 17 million visitors in 2023.

The share of survey-takers who reported feeling safe in DTLA has also increased. 

The report demonstrates progress in avoiding a "doom-loop" in DTLA. The growth in engagement and visitation inevitably makes the region more attractive for investment. 

A more significant investment will benefit our members as more businesses decide to stay or move to Downtown. 

Looking Ahead

BOMA on the Frontline remains committed to reporting on DTLA's progress. Our Downtown Regional Council set a goal of elevating positive stories about DTLA. 

The region enjoys so many food, shopping, and cultural venues within a small area. The buildings in the region are some of the most iconic in the country.

The elements are there for a robust city center again. 

Stay connected with us at BOMA on the Frontline for the latest news in the Greater Los Angeles area. Join us for our Downtown Regional Roundtable on May 23rd. Register here

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