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What is Proposition 1?

ballot measure

California voters will have the opportunity to overhaul the state’s mental health system in the 2024 election. 

Proposition 1, advocated for by Governor Newsom, would create new bonds to build mental health beds and redirect some existing county funds toward funding home building. 

What is Proposition 1?

Proposition 1 will prioritize mental health treatment for California’s veterans, homeless, those suffering from mental health issues, and those with substance abuse issues. 

With two-thirds of California’s homeless population suffering from mental health problems, Prop 1 will allow for better access to health services. Additionally, it would allow those with addiction issues to directly access substance abuse and mental health services, which is currently not allowed under California law. 

In total, Proposition 1 hopes to:

  • Expand Community-Based Services: expand mental health and substance abuse services across California 
  • Build Supportive Housing: Build housing where those with mental health needs can live and recover 
  • Provide Treatment over Incarceration: Provide mental health and addiction treatment over jail, which costs the state millions per year
  • Help Homeless Veterans: Provide $1 billion for veterans care, ranging from homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health needs
  • Address Shortage of Workers: Fund additional mental health workers to increase care accessibility 
  • Accountability: Proposition 1 requires audits to ensure funds are being spent correctly

To read more about Proposition 1, click here

Voters can decide on the ballot measure during the California primaries in March 2024. 

Endorsements and Concerns

Governor Newsom is spearheading Proposition 1 and has the support of many in his party. 

Elements of the business community are also supporting the measure. 

The business community has suffered due to homelessness and the consequences that it has brought, such as crime. Thus, the State of California must exhaust every option to find reasonable solutions to the largest crisis in the state. 

As a result, the California Business Properties Association (CBPA) and the California Chamber of Commerce have both endorsed Proposition 1. 

On the other side, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association and some social services groups are concerned that this proposition is not the best path forward.

There are concerns that redirecting money and creating new bond obligations is not the most responsible path forward. And that redirecting funds is more of a shell game than a sustainable solution.

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