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BOMA/GLA Takes on BizFed’s Political Forecast 2023

BizFed PAC

Our team at BOMA/GLA recently attended BizFed and BizFed PAC's Political Forecast 2023 event, unveiling key insights into California's political landscape. Let's delve into the highlights that caught our attention and might shape the state's future.

Understanding Voter Dynamics

In a noteworthy voter trend, college-educated white Republican women are distancing themselves from the GOP due to cultural concerns. Conversely, non-college-educated U.S.-born Hispanic men show a shift away from the Democratic party. Therefore, this will emphasize the importance of strategic voter motivation. In addition, strategists say the most impactful election motivators are affordability and fear. Voters will be interested to hear about inflation, home prices, and energy costs.

Southern California's Political Influence

Despite occasional complaints about Bay Area dominance, experts emphasize that Southern California typically wields more power in the California State Legislature. This insight challenges the perceived sway of Northern California interests.

Open Seats in 2024

Our local business leaders worry about the political shakeup in California in the coming year. Thirty-one seats in the State Legislature are up for grabs - nineteen in the Assembly and twelve in the Senate.

Words from GrassrootsLab's Mike Madrid:

According to political analyst Mike Madrid, the GOP faces a challenge from college-educated white women. Despite economic and public safety messages, success seems elusive, deepening the "diploma divide." Business leaders feel the impact of the resignation of outgoing Senator Steve Glazer, representing Contra Costa County.

BOMA/GLA is aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Moreover, engaging voters and staying attuned to local dynamics will be crucial in shaping the impact of Los Angeles-area business leaders.

We look forward to an eventful political landscape in 2024.

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