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Department of Water Resources Gives Initial Allocation of 10%

california drought

The California Department of Water Resources has announced that the State Water Project will grant an initial allocation of 10% of requested supplies. 

In comparison, the State Water Project gave an initial allocation of 5% last year, and it was increased to 100% after a wet winter. 

Possibility of an Increase

Last year was the first year the State Water Project gave 100% allocation of requested supplies since 2006. This was due to an unusually wet first few months of the year. 

Despite the low initial allocation for 2024, the DWR usually increases the allocation throughout the beginning of the calendar year. 

In the past, the Department of Water Resources has increased the allocation of requested supplies: 

  • From 15% to 85% in 2018 
  • From 10% to 75% in 2019 and 2020 

The water allocation is based on the amount of participation in the new water year, which began in October. The Department of Water Resources is hoping for El Nino to bring wet weather to California, however, forecasts are expecting less than normal. 

Despite the low estimates, California reservoirs are still full due to one of the wettest years in recent state history. 

Allocation percentages will be updated monthly and be changed based on rainfall, runoff, and snowpack. The final allocation of the requested supply will be given in May or June. 

To read more on the State Water Project’s initial allocation of requested water supplies, click here

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