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Assembly Speaker Rivas Announces New Leadership

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New legislative leadership has been announced by first-year California Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas. 

The new speaker was sworn in earlier this summer after a long battle with former Speaker Anthony Rendon over Assembly leadership. It ended with Assemblymember Rendon stepping down from the heralded position. 

What Changes Have Been Made? 

New leadership has been made all across the board from party leadership to committee chairs. 

Former Majority Leader Isaac Bryan has been replaced by Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry. Curry has been in the Assembly since 2016 and has served on several committees including Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Agriculture, Emergency Management, Health, and Wildfire Prevention. 

On the other hand, Assemblymember Bryan will become chair of the Natural Resources Committee, which plays a significant role in dealing with environmental policy. 

Other new committee chairs include: 

  • Assemblymember Buffy Wicks: Appropriations Committee 
  • Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel: Budget Committee
  • Assemblymember Mike Gipson: Entertainment, Sports, and Tourism Committee
  • Assemblymember Chris Ward: Housing Committee 
  • Assemblymember Lori Wilson: Transportation Committee 
  • Assemblymember Ash Karla: Judiciary Committee 
  • Assemblymember Kevin McCarty: Public Safety Committee

To read the full list of new committee chairs, click here

Committee chairs hold a lot of power in the California Assembly as they hold the ultimate decision to go forward with a bill to the floor or kill it. 

While many of the new committee chairs supported Rendon over Rivas in the speakership battle earlier this year, they have sent a message of looking forward to solving some of the most significant issues in California. 

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