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California Legislators Propose Measure to Undermine Taxpayer

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State Assemblymembers have proposed ACA 13, a constitutional amendment that would create enormous roadblocks to pass new taxpayer protections. 

In reality, the proposal would increase the percentage of voters needed to pass ballot initiatives that would limit taxes and fees. 


Recently in Ohio, the Republican-led Legislature proposed a constitutional amendment that would increase the vote threshold needed to pass ballot initiatives from a majority to 60%.

The goal was to make it harder for a pro-abortion ballot measure to pass on the state’s 2024 ballot. 

The amendment faced national opposition, including from California Governor Gavin Newsom, and was ultimately rejected at the ballot box. 

Now in California, a progressive wing of our State Legislature is trying a similar tactic for different purposes: ACA 13 hopes to have any ballot initiative that would increase the voter threshold from a simple majority to a super-majority (2/3rds) to pass by that same amount. 

In essence, the proposal would shift power from voters to the legislature and prevent taxpayer advocates from passing safeguards to Prop 13.

The Dangers of ACA 13

ACA 13 will only affect ballot initiatives, not legislation pushed by the California Assembly or Senate. Due to this, the proposal would shift the power from the voters to the Legislature, creating a power imbalance and reducing the value of referendums and ballot initiatives. 

Additionally, it would hurt voter-approved ballot initiatives such as Proposition 13, the landmark property tax bill passed in 1978. While courts and legislation have already weakened components of Prop 13, ACA 13 would make it much harder for voters to pass taxpayer protections. 

The effects of ACA 13 could come as quickly as next year’s election when a new tax initiative will appear on the ballot. The ballot initiative would require new or increased state taxes that pass the legislature by a supermajority to also be approved by voters by a simple majority. 

ACA 13 would make it much harder for that bill to pass and would limit the power voters have to control the amount of taxes they pay. 

We’ll keep you updated on the latest of ACA 13 and its progress in the California Legislature. 

BOMA/GLA strongly opposes ACA 13, and we urge you to TAKE ACTION today and voice your opposition to your legislators and the Governor.

Keep up with BOMA on the Frontline for the latest news in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

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