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Paul Krekorian Elected as New City Council President

The Los Angeles City Council has unanimously voted to elect Councilmember Paul Krekorian as the new City Council President. 

Krekorian is replacing Nury Martinez, who resigned following leaked audio where she was caught saying racist remarks. 

After the leaked audio was released, the public has been rightfully angered at the three council members that were involved. Thus far, only one has resigned. 

The new president has to regain public trust in the council, which Krekorian says is his biggest goal

Who is Paul Krekorian? 

Paul Krekorian has been the East San Fernando region City councilman since getting elected in 2009. 

Before joining the LA City Council, Krekorian served as a state assembly member representing California’s 43rd district. 

Prior to being elected president of the council, he was the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee. He helped lead Los Angeles’s economic recovery during the Great Recession and COVID-19. 

As chairman, he has led the city to 11 balanced budgets and the biggest reserves in the city’s history. 

In addition, Krekorian initiated City’s LA100 drive, which hopes for the city to have 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035. He led the push to end oil and gas drilling in Los Angeles and delivered electric buses to his district. 

On the city’s biggest issue, homelessness, he was the first council member to build temporary housing for every homeless person in his district. There is hope he can bring the same success to the rest of the city. 

BOMA Greater Los Angeles congratulates Council President Paul Krekonian on his election and wishes him success in his new role. 

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