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CAL/OSHA Ends Mask Requirement for Vaccinated Employees in the Workplace

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On Thursday, CAL/OSHA Board members voted to officially end the mask requirement for vaccinated employees, citing improving COVID-19 conditions due to reduced transmission risk and vaccination rates.

This new development is a clear message for businesses and property owners alike, signaling the start of a transition towards normalcy and recovery. Earlier in June, confusion arose due to uncertainty regarding mask requirements in the workplace, as CAL/OSHA withdrew previously approved mask regulations that conflicted with the State's health orders.

Now, aligning itself with the State Department of Health's orders, CAL/OSHA voted to allow vaccinated employees to be mask-free in virtually all settings. Some specifics and caveats that employers should know include:

  • Employers must document the vaccination status of vaccinated employees before they can remove their mask
  • Employers must provide N95 respirators for unvaccinated employees that request them
  • Unvaccinated employees must continue to wear face coverings
  • Employees may decline to state their vaccination status; in this case, they will be required to wear face coverings
  • While outdoors, masks or other face coverings are not required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated employees

Even more, Governor Newsom announced that he would use his executive powers to circumvent the usual 10-day administrative review of the CAL/OSHA. As such, the new mask order will go into effect immediately.

Again, to be considered fully vaccinated, an employee must have wait two weeks after their dose of the Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine, or after one dose of the Johnsons and Johnson vaccine.

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