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AB 2433 Passes Assembly 

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Assembly Bill 2433, a bill that would speed up the plan check process for many projects, cleared the Assembly this week.  

Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva is quoted as saying “By making permitting more efficient, we can both save money and support our communities and businesses, creating an opportunity to make tangible improvements in the lives of countless Californians.”

The bill now heads to the California State Senate.

How It Impacts You

If a city or county takes more than 30 days to complete a plan review, the project applicant can hire an approved third-party professional to do it instead. 

AB 2433 will help businesses avoid delays. As well as speed up project timelines, enabling developers and investors to: 

  • Reduce costs and financial risks from delays. 
  • Get new tenants moving in faster and start generating revenue sooner 
  • Boost competitiveness by finishing projects on time. 
  • Promote responsibility and productivity  

While the proposal does not apply to public buildings, health facilities, or buildings taller than 4 stories, the bill would have a significant positive impact on our members.

And it also represents our industry going on the offensive!

So often, we are an industry that reacts to policy proposals. It’s great that we are taking proactive action for positive change.  

Looking Ahead

AB 2433 provides a good chance to make getting permits faster and simpler.      

However, the bill does face some opposition from local government groups and, surprisingly, SEUI.  

Our bill has achieved success in getting out of one of the legislative houses. But we cannot assume the same success in the Senate unless we continue our advocacy.  

We urge our members to contact their state senators and advocate for this crucial legislation. 

This common-sense solution prioritizes efficiency and accountability to the benefit of our industry. 

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