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LA City Council Evaluate Changes in Police Oversight

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The LA City Council is considering a charter amendment that will change how police discipline and oversight are applied.  

These changes could possibly improve community trust and department morale, which in turn could lead to a safer LA that can benefit businesses. However, any effort at reform must avoid worsening the morale issue currently impacting the department.  

What You Need to Know

This amendment aims to modify the LA Board of Rights, which decides what happens to officers accused of serious misconduct.

Critics say the board has made it difficult to discipline LAPD officers properly, deter future misconduct, and get rid of bad officers. Others argue the supposed light punishments are due to weak evidence, rather than who fills board seats.

The board currently consists of two high-ranking LAPD officers and one civilian. 

Different departments are being asked to tell the City Council their ideas for improving the Board of Rights by asking for a few suggestions centered around:  

  • Different ways to set up the Board of Rights. This could mean changing who's on the board, including more civilians or police officers.    
  • Finding faster ways to deal with misconduct problems.    
  • Getting more variety in the people who hear cases about police behavior.  
  • Making sure the people who hear cases get the proper training.  
  • Using binding arbitration sometimes when a cop is fired, if it's suitable.    
  • The Board and LAPD Inspector General must check if these changes work. 

How it Impacts You

While one of the council members supporting this motion is a former LAPD union advocate, we will have to see if these proposed changes really do positively impact safety and security in LA communities.  

If these changes can strengthen community trust in law enforcement while also improving overall morale within the department, LA businesses will benefit from a more secure environment. 

Please stay connected with us at BOMA on the Frontline for the latest news on these changes.   

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