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Support the Small Business Energy Loan Enhancement Act


Our advocates in Washington, D.C., are pushing a high-priority proposal to open funding for energy efficiency projects.

H.R. 1491, the Small Business Energy Loan Enhancement Act, would expand financing for small businesses from $5.5 million to $10 million for efficiency projects. 

About H.R. 1491

The act would expand the SBA 504 loan cap from $5.5 million to $10 million. 

The additional funding would come with favorable loan terms, helping our industry achieve greater energy efficiency.  

The bill's lead sponsors are Representatives Jason Crow and Don Bacon. It currently enjoys the support of 27 other sponsors. 

Despite the growing support, HR 1491 still faces an uphill climb. 

It's an election year in a polarized environment. Few bills will survive the year. 

Still, it is worth the effort to help our industry. And through direct advocacy, we can help our advocates succeed. 

Ongoing Advocacy Efforts

H.R. 1491 is a high-priority piece of legislation. Day-to-day, our lobbyist meets with legislative staff to seek support. 

When we also engage directly, it helps our lobbyist gain more access.  

Earlier this year, BOMA/GLA met with LA-area Members of Congress and their staff. 

We provided a local spin on how this bill would help their district and brought the message home for them. 

The single trip is not enough, however. Our lobbyist still needs our help asking for bill sponsors. 

How to Take Action

It's easy! Use this tool to enter your zip code and automatically email your representatives. 

The email asks your representative to co-sponsor this bipartisan bill. 

In less than five minutes, you can help us achieve a win for commercial real estate. 

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