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CalTrans Finds 15 Risky Sites Under the 10 Freeway

VENTURA FREEWAY, SHERMAN OAKS - SEPTEMBER 11: Views of the traffic on the Ventura Freeway at sunset on September 11, 2015. The Ventura Freeway is a part of the Route 101, the longest in California.

Following the fire that damaged part of the 10 Freeway, CalTrans has identified 38 possible hazards to transportation infrastructure. 

The investigation was in response to Newsom’s request to review the 601 airspaces CalTrans rents to businesses. Airspaces are the space under bridges, freeways, and other transportation infrastructure often used by local businesses. 

10 Freeway

The fire that occurred on the 10 Freeway was confirmed to be the result of arson. The suspect in question allegedly ignited wooden pallets placed in an industrial site under the freeway resulting in cars and support beams being heavily damaged. 

After a complete investigation of the area, it has been revealed that the company that leased the space violated its contract by subleasing the area without authorization. The State of California is now suing the company and has begun looking at other leased airspaces for potential violations. 

CalTrans has identified 15 possible hazards under the 10 Freeway, which owners of the airspace lease will have three days to handle. 

CalTrans Investigation

Governor Newsom called on the agency to investigate the 601 airspace leases in the State of California. 

After a thorough review, CalTrans found that 38 of those were potentially hazardous and posed a fire or safety risk. However, other sites posed other non-safety risks such as the storage of unauthorized vehicles and trailers. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department also investigated underpasses in the city and found 23 risky sites. Those findings were sent to the State Fire Marshal who is currently finalizing their separate review. 

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