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LA City Council Votes to Ban Overnight RV Parking in Parts of the City


In response to the growing issue of RV encampments, the City and County of Los Angeles have taken steps to crack down on oversized vehicles parking overnight. 

While the overall growth of homelessness has slowed down since the turn of the decade, those residing in RVs have increased by nearly a third. 

Los Angeles City 

Earlier this month, Los Angeles City Councilmembers Traci Park and Heather Hutt introduced a motion that would ban overnight RV parking in several areas in West and South LA. 

The council approved the measure 11-2 with councilmembers Hugo-Soto Martinez and Eunisses Hernandez voting against it. 

The ban would address the issue of RVs parking on sidewalks obstructing roadways and pedestrian access. 

For the full list of streets where overnight parking is banned click here

Los Angeles County 

Shortly after Mayor Bass launched Inside Safe, Los Angeles County came out with Pathway Home. 

Pathway Home launched in January 2023 and is a program to get homeless people into housing, with an emphasis on RV encampments. 

So far, they have gotten rid of 5 encampments, 230 people have moved into interim housing, and over 100 RVs have been removed from LA County streets. 

Pathway Home is funded due to Measure H, which is a ¼-cent sales tax that helps the county’s homelessness services. 

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