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Metro Announces $9 Billion Budget for 2023-2024 Fiscal Year


LA County Metro has announced a $9 billion budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year that will strive to put customers first. The budget is 2.6% larger than last year’s $8.7 billion budget. 

Concerns over public safety on Metro trains have risen recently despite major investments over the past few years. 

What’s in the Budget?

Metro’s budget will include major investments in general train services, as well as funding going to address many rider concerns. 

For general services, Metro has invested nearly a third of the budget in transit operations, representing a 5% increase from last year. This will allow trains to run for longer and deliver more service for riders. 

The increased service is 10% higher than pre-pandemic levels, according to Metro.

In addition, Metro will also increase funding towards bus investments by 6.6% from last year. 

One of the main concerns riders have with Metro trains is the belief there is a lack of cleanliness. As a result, they have increased the attention and effort focused on cleaning trains and stations. 

Metro is allocating over $200 million to specific cleaning efforts, a 13% increase from last fiscal year. The company plans to establish ten cleaning teams to consistently sanitize trains. In addition, they plan to hire 24 full-time and 50 part-time custodians for just the B and D lines. 

Other sanitation plans include a higher frequency of cleaning and putting extra attention on trains and stations with more traffic. 

Public Safety

Public Safety has been the primary concern of Metro and riders over the past few years. Due to this, the company has made major investments such as starting the ambassadorship program, continuing its partnership with local law enforcement, and more. 

However, the results haven’t been as they have hoped. Crime has increased on Metro trains in 2023, with violent crime, narcotic usage, and deaths have all risen. 

As a result, Metro has increased public safety funding by almost 4% from last year and has committed to implementing real change. The company will collaborate with law enforcement, contract security, private officers, and mental health specialists to ensure safety. 

There will also be investments in better lighting, newer security cameras, and other safety infrastructure. 

In short, Metro’s budget seeks to better rider experience with increased funding to alleviate concerns about cleanliness and public safety. 

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